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21 years in the translation business. All translations are done by
a team of two fully bilingual and bicultural, native Spanish/English speaking professionals graduated from prestigious North American Universities; an electronic/mechanical engineer and a business professional; an MBA in finance and a business professional with 30+ years of experience in North and South America (for North American subsidiaries) in the fields of mining and construction, retail, trade shows, pharmaceutical and banking and finance.

The work received is NOT outsourced. You are in touch with the actual translator when clarifications are needed. Thus accuracy, consistent terminology, continuity, confidentiality and short turnaround are assured. Our growing list of clients includes many national and international companies who will speak for our commitment.

One translation in neutral Castilian Spanish for all. We only use terms universally understood and recognized by the Royal Academy of The Spanish Language, the Oxford , Webster and Larousse English/Spanish dictionaries and other specialized sources related to
the subject translated. Our translations do not contain regional colloquialisms and definitely no spanglish.

Value added translations that make sense. To assure the accuracy of our translations and specially that they make sense, we first make sure to understand the subject, we research new concepts/terms and communicate with the client for details or rewording. We actually do Spanish technical writing as we translate. And when inconsistencies or errors in the source document become apparent, we flag them to the client for an explanation or rewording. Our clients are grateful for this value added service.

  • NO garbage-in garbage-out translations.
  • NO literary word by word translations.
  • NO guessetimated translations.

French-Canadian too. For trilingual projects for the NAFTA market (USA-Canada-Mexico) we team up with our French-Canadian associate, with 26 years of experience in the manufacture of industrial equipment and 10 years translating for consumer, commercial and industrial sectors.